Friday, March 6, 2009

Hard @ Work II

This is our Home Sweet Home (The Arnolds). This is what our kids help out in keeping warm by hauling wood from the woodshed to the house.

This is another chore that Teancum also gets to help out with, which is feeding our horses, CC and Clint. I don't know what I'd do without my Teancum. He's a tough kid and a hard little worker. He's a good kid.

Look at all that hay he gets on to his pitch fork.

And then he hucks it over the fence and into the manger for the horses to eat.

I say, chores make great kids, and teaches them hard work and to work hard. Although, my kids may complain at times about doing chores, when there are days that they don't want to do them, I know that in the long run, they will one day be grateful for the things they have done and have been taught to do.
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  1. I love your house and I will agree Teancum is a hard worker. I remember him helping with our Utah house. I was so amazed a kid that young knew what to do to help his Dad and Uncle out and he never complained. I couldn't agree more with giving kids chores. You are doing a great job raising awesome kids.